Alzheimer Cafe Northside

This project for The Alzheimer Cafe Northside was done for Webmas 2015 in NCI. This Christmas Project is the brain child of Sam Cogan, where websites are designed and built for charities in just 24 hours by volunteer students and mentors.

In this project I mentored a team of 1st year students. This involved guiding them in gathering the requirements from the client, designing, building and fully testing the website in under 24 hours.

The brief was to design a site that was extremely usable for those struggling with Alzheimer’s, their families and carers.
This proved to be a challenge as the desire was to add in some of the extra functions we saw available.
The main focus of the site was to provide the location of the centre. The team came up with a number of good ideas:

  1. To put the location information in a map in the footer so it would be on every page.
  2. To add the directions in a paragrph in the sidebar of the location page.
  3. To take an image of the front of the building from Google Maps and add that to the location page.

The length of the day did take it’s toll. I had to remind the lads to take a break at one point and step away from their screens! But it was finished under the 24 hours, backed up and fully tested.

Well done!!