Your Website

Developing a website requires a number of steps. The main ones are below with a brief idea of some of the tasks involved.


  1. I have a questionnaire to help you clarify the focus of your website.
  2. I’ll get an understanding of what style you would like, colours, font etc.
  3. It’s important to understand your clients to assess the usability required.
  4. Based on the above points, I’ll get your requirements and start designing and researching a template.


  1. Set up and configure WordPress on your hosting.
  2. Install the theme and customise it.
  3. Create the pages for the menu.
  4. Add the content, text and images.
  5. Add the footer and any widgets.

Test and document

  1. I will test all links, clickables and menu options to ensure they work.
  2. Your site will be tested across a number of browsers and devices.
  3. You will get documentation explaining your site clearly. Here is a sample of the Basic WordPress How-To tutorial documentation you will receive.
  4. I offer training so you can manage your website independently.