Useful tools for college computing projects…

These are some of the main tools that helped me during college.

Free online tool that helped me to stay on track. This kept the faffing and time wasting to a minimum!

I used this for version control, in particular the branch facility. Everytime I started to work on my projects, I created a new branch. EVERYTIME! It saved my bacon – in time and stress management. Too often in college, you hear that at the last minute, a project had gone belly up, broke mystically. Using the branching, I always had a working project in the ‘master branch’.

Cloud9 IDE is the cloud based development environment that I used for a few projects. There are many mock up tools, this one worked for me, very intuitive to use. There was no learning curve with this free one.

I signed up to the blog of Justin Weiss, a Rails developer, and various helpful sites. He was the most helpful and emailed me with tips!

Water! Water! Water! I kept my brain working by staying hydrated.

Finally friends and college mates! I got back all the help I gave others.